Cultivation of mushrooms


Cultivated Mushrooms

Each species of mushroom has specific needs in the substrate composition level as well as in the environment conditions in which it is grown. When cultivation of mushroom is our means of making a living, the environment must be optimized to obtain maximum output.

Our job is to point out the appropriate cultivation techniques for each specific type of mushroom. We aid in defining the growing facilities and choosing the spawn variety which is most suitable for each circumstance.

There are companies specialized in substrate production for various species of mushroom (oyster, button, shiitake, king oyster, poplar mushroom …). The best option is to buy the substrate and then to focus in the preparation of the growing facilities and to provide the suitable environment.

White button mushroom cultivation stages:

Watch button mushroom growth TIMELAPSE. Video produced by Maria Luisa Tello, CTICH technician.

Oyster mushroom cultivation stages: