Cultivation of mushrooms
Sale of mushroom grow bags

Spawn production, substrate production and large scale cultivation mushroom


About me

Since 1996 our line of work has been connected to the different aspects in “the cultivation of mushrooms”: spawn production, substrate production (sterile or pasteurized) and cultivation of various species of mushrooms.


Sale of mushroom grow bags with filter

We sell mushroom grow bags with filters for the spawn production, mushroom growing and the production of biological control agents. These bags are manufactured in the USA by UNICORN BAGS.
They remain standing after being filled, suitable for spawn or substrate production.
Placed horizontally, they are used for spawn production and the production of biological control agents.
Products geared towards inoculum elaboration or tissue culturing.
Reusable seals for the bags that we sell

Counseling and training

Cultivated mushrooms species


Agaricus bisporus (white button mushroom)

The Agaricus bisporus is one of the most cultivated in Europe and in the world. Holland is the biggest producer, followed by Poland, France and Spain.


Lentinula edodes (Shiitake)

The Lentinula edodes is the third most cultivated in Spain. It is very important in the western market despite being native to Asia and more specifically to China.


Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushroom)

The Pleurotus ostreatus is the second most cultivated in Europe. Spain is the biggest producer, followed by Poland and Italy.

Direct and personalized counseling and training
in every aspect connected to the cultivation of mushrooms


Ana Cerrolaza Clavijo
C/Río Tirón, 6 · 1ºC
Calahorra · La Rioja · 26500 · Spain


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